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April 14, 2020:  Online SBE Chapter 17 meeting with Kurt Riegelman of Intelsat, the company that is handling satellites and the transistion of C-Band satellite program delivery.  The bottom 300 MHz (3.7 to 4 GHz) of C-Band is being sold to the cellular industry.  The upper 200 MHz is being reorganized.  Broadcast stations that have not registered their ground station locations are out of luck when 5G broadband comes to their vicinity.  This will happen in three to five years in large metropitan markets.  It will likely take longer in small markets.  There will be interference issues for stations receiving programming in the upper 200 MHz if a 5G tower is nearby.
Then Bear Poth of LumenServe gave an online talk about tower lighting and how his company offers package deals of hardware and maintenance.
  Some 30 people attended.  This adventure into online Zoom meetings worked out well....especially for those who live a long ways away and wouldn't otherwise attend every meeting.  The only downside was no lunch to share stories over!

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