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May 7, 2020:  Online SBE Chapter 17 meeting: Executive Director Steve Swazee of SharedGeo, is trying to reinvigorate  It is an old plan for purposes of helping today's emergency response personnel.  This is a volunteer effort that benefits everyone who uses it.
This is an easy to follow plan for finding any place in the country.
It is especially helpful for emergency responders. 

The presenter told the stoy of a person who was lost, but still had cell service.  A dispatcher told the person to download the application and read off the numbers.  Then, he could be easily found.

The second presentation was by MISCO, which shared with us such topics as: How a transducer works; enclosure design; measuring and manufacturing transducers; testing speakers in both design and final performance; as well as using DSP in amplifiers for optimal function. 

This Twin Cities company got in the business of making speakers.

Audio speakers are deceptivesly simple, but require tight tolerances to work right.
Misco is currently located in St. Paul suppling speakers and amplifiers to users all over the world including the U.S. Military.
Thanks to the presenters and thanks to SBE 17 Program Chair Taylor Robert Barker for putting this online meeting together.
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