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May 20, 2020:  Online SBE Chapter 17 meeting
All of the usual Twin Cities broadcst engineering suspects showed up. 
There were more in the Zoom session than are shown on this screen shot.

This webinar was with Hank Landsberg of Henry Engineering , founder of Henry Engineering  

For clarification, don't confuse Henry Engineering with Henry Radio, which built amateur radio and FM broadcast transmtitters back in the 1970s. 

Hank gave a show-and-tell of his firm's new offerings. 

One new product was this device that can automatically switch critial 120 VAC/15 ampere loads away from an unterruptible power supply when the supply has problems, then switch back to the UPS when all is well.  This is particularly useful when a UPS is being serviced.  This product is about to go into production and will retail for about $270.    
Then there is the newest version of the Superelay warning light relay box.  This one is for low power LED lights and does even more user-defined switching tasks.  This one sells for about $170.

Hank Landsberg was also seen on TWiRT:  and
This SBE Chapter 17 presentation was followed by an informal local meeting talking about current events.

Thanks to the presenter and thanks to SBE 17 Program Chair Taylor Robert Barker for putting this online meeting together.
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