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Tuesday, August, 4, 2020, SBE Chapter 17 online meeting:

We heard from broadcast industry legend Bob Orban .
This was a GoToMeeting webinar.  Mr. Orban is seen in the top center of the above screen shot.
On the right is Joyn Lynch, salesman from Broadcast Supply West explaining listener results.  

The presentation covered Orban’s approach to automatic, CALM-Act-compliant loudness control as embodied in the Optimod-TV 8685 Surround Loudness Controller.  Orban combines the CBS Technology Center and ITU-R BS.1770 approaches to obtain the advantages of both.  Covered were the concept of “genre” in the context of BS.1770, as first introduced in a 2015 AES Recommendation, and how taking genre into account can reduce some of the practical objections that have been raised as a result of experience with normalizing all program material to the same BS.1770 target loudness. 

Mr. Orban said that the human ear is still the best judge of loudness. 
He is working to make processors better at juding loudness.

Understanding loudness is not easy. 

Block diagram of a typical TV station.

    Our Thanks to Bob Orban for explaining the loudness standards and measures to impliment them.  
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