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Tuesday, September 15, 2020, SBE Chapter 17 online meeting:

We heard from Avateq via webinar.  Avateq manufactures RF Layer Monitoring Receivers and Signal Analyzers.  Hundreds of AVQ1020s are currently monitoring TV transmitters and HD radio transmitters.  Furthermore, the AVQ1022 RF Signal Analyzer is used by RF consultants and transmitter field engineers for proof of performance at the transmitter sites. 

Understanding loudness is not easy. 

The units will email an alarm if a problem is detected.    

The units offer a constillation display of digital TV transmitted signals.

Beautiful occupied bandwidth display. 

Lots of information in this informative presentation. 
The units can be accessed on an internet web browser using a username and password.
The signal can be heard on a smartphone.  Television signals can be seen on smart devices.
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