Wednesday, May 28th @ Noon, featuring Nick VanHaaster of GatesAir

The presentation will be: "Taking your HD signal to the next level using Gen4 technology."

Noon at Saint Louis Park City Hall (5005 Minnetonka Boulevard). Lunch will be provided so *let's shoot for having RSVPs to me by the day before*

Friday, April 26th @ 11am, featuring Dave Johnson, Vice President of Minneapolis-based Gopher Stage Lighting

(My daytime employer used them to outfit our new studios in Granite Falls, which has worked out very well. full article)

11:00 am at iHeartMedia Studios (1600 Utica Avenue South, Suite 500). Lunch will be provided so *let's shoot for having RSVPs to me by the day before*

Dave Johnson speaking sbe audience sbe audience Joe's fancy shirt

Thursday, March 28th @ 11:30am, featuring Mr. Bob Orban, via teleconference

The meeting is also brought to you in part by Broadcast Supply Worldwide.

The presentation is aimed at radio, streaming and television engineers. It will discuss techniques for processing bass (including subharmonic synthesis), the uses and pitfalls of de-clippers, use of multidimensional phase correction to minimize mono reception while minimizing multipath distortion, and use of parallel compression for pre-processing. It will discuss loudness management of digital radio, digital television, and streaming using both the BS.1770 and the Jones & Torick (CBS) algorithms, with particular consideration given to the 2015 AES TD1004.1.15-10 “Recommendation for Loudness of Audio Streaming and Network File Playback”publication. It will present measurements assessing how effectively conventional radio-style audio processing controls loudness, and will include practical suggestions about loudness management. It will wrap up with a brief discussion of two recent Orban products for radio and streaming.

11:30 am at iHeartMedia Studios (1600 Utica Avenue South, Suite 500). Lunch will be provided so *let's shoot for having RSVPs to me by the day before*

Bob Orban speaking to SBE members Bob Orban's presentation Joe speaking to Bob orban

Tuesday, February 12th @ Noon, featuring Scott Hewett, consultant for T-Mobile

While most of the Federal Communications Commission remains shutdown, there's one very big part which hasn't The machinery behind Repack

For those unaware of what I'm talking about, in April 2017, the FCC formally completed an auction designed to increase the amount of spectrum available to wireless broadband companies. In addition to shuffling television stations around, one affected community that hasn't received as much public attention is the wireless microphone.

Up until now, most of the products out there have gotten away with using unlicensed spectrum. That's all about to change, with cable, cellular, and satellite companies about to repurpose it, and render it unavailable for wireless microphone usage.

As one example: Wireless microphones that operate in T-Mobile’s new 600 MHz service band (the 617-652 MHz and 663-698 MHz frequencies) will be required to cease operation no later than July 13, 2020. In many places, this transition will occur well before 2020, and wireless microphone use in these locations will be required to cease operation sooner.Of course, the FCC has made certain that spectrum will continue to be available for wireless microphone use on the other TV channels 2-36 (TV band frequencies that fall below 608 MHz), on portions of the 600 MHz guard band (the 614-616 MHz frequencies) and the 600 MHz duplex gap (the 653-663 MHz frequencies), and in various other spectrum bands outside of the TV bands.

To that end, our next gathering will feature Scott Hewett, consultant for T-Mobile, which purchased $8 billion worth of the 600MHz band, covering the entire continental United States, plus Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. For a little

background: Contributing to National Spectrum Outreach programs within T-Mobile’s National Development organization, Scott’s primary focus has been clearing incumbent broadcasters being repacked following the 600MHz Broadcast Incentive Auction. Scott began his wireless career at Alan Dick & CO (UK), where he served as President and GM of ADC’s USA operations. Originally a manufacturer of broadcast antennas, Scott directed the conversion of the business to become a successful provider of base station antennas to wireless carriers. ADC USA became an early provider of cross-polar antenna technology, primarily to domestic (Andrew, now Commscope) and Japanese (Hitachi Cable) OEM partners. Prior to joining T-Mobile, Scott served in several management roles at Cellular Specialties Inc., a provider of in-building wireless (iDAS) gear to wireless carriers. Over different assignments, Scott held responsibility for repeaters, antennas, passive components, and active DAS conditioning (UDIT). He rebranded several products as ClearLink™, to promote their passive low-intermodulation (PIM) features that help reduce unwanted noise during a cellular transmission. Scott later became VP Strategic Partners and a member of CSI’s senior staff.Scott a graduate of Purdue University and works from his office in Bedford, NH.

Please invite anyone you think might be interested to this session. Repack has profound implications, across the PA systems in city council chambers, to churches, to my old stomping grounds in the theatre.

12:00 pm at iHeartMedia Studios (1600 Utica Avenue South, Suite 500). Lunch will be provided so *let's shoot for having RSVPs to me by the day before*

Scott speaking to SBE members SBE members listening to Scott iHeartMedia Joe and Scott talking

Tuesday, January 15th Meeting at The Pavek

This time, we’ll be hearing from Alex Hartman of Optimized Media Group. His accolades in the Minnesota broadcasting world are too long to mention, but for our purposes, we’re going to focus on his love of toys.

You see, Mr. Hartman is fresh off an international road trip, which gave him the chance to promote LookingGlass, a handy little gadget powered by MPXTool. I’ve been looking forward to his talk for a long time, which you can get a preview of here.

The fun begins at *noon on January 15, in the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting*, and lunch is on him. Let’s get those RSVPs in by the day before, if you would be so kind.

If you can make it, please RSVP to me by the day before.

12pm at the Pavek Museum. Lunch will be provided.

Friday, December 14th Annual Chapter Holiday Party

Join us for our annual chapter holiday party!

Members that show up will get $10 cash to go towards their tab. (until we reach a $300 limit.)





2:00 pm at Gabes by the Park.

Wednesday, November 21st Meeting at The Pavek

Some of the buzzwords being thrown around the most recent NAB Show included augmented and virtual reality. The Twin Cities has an increasingly hot AR/VR market in its own right, especially when it comes to gaming, but this month's guest takes things one step further.

On Wednesday, November 21, we'll hear from CEO and Co-Founder Chuck Olsen of Visual. If that name sounds familiar, other places in his career have included Radio K, TPT, MPR, and The Uptake.

Aside from the selfish reasons of his company providing lunch that day, I was also struck by the other fields it's pursuing, beyond games - medicinal, 360 degree video production, and app development, to name a few.

Plus, Mr. Olsen may or may not be bringing along a headset for us to play with!

Our meeting begins at 11:30 a.m. that day at the Pavek Museum of Broadcasting. I should also note that we'll be holding our annual Chapter elections that day, so restroom rules apply. If you don't know what that means, don't worry, it's not like you might get suckered into anything. :)

If you can make it, please RSVP to me by the day before.

11:30 am at the Pavek Museum. Lunch will be provided.

Friday, December 15th Annual Chapter Holiday Party

Join us for our annual chapter holiday party!

The first 15 members to show up will get $5 cash to go towards their tab.





3:00 pm at Gabes by the Park.

Tuesday, November 21st Meeting at The Pavek

We are pleased to have attending this meeting State Representative Marion O'Neill.  She is the Assistant Majority Leader of the Minnesota House of Representatives and is the chief sponsor the "small cell" or 5G legislation.  This is of importance to all broadcasters as it is an indication of the demand for more spectrum by various communications industries.

We will be presenting to Steve Brown the Robert Flanders Engineer of the Year award that was presented at the National Awards Banquet in Denver.  Steve was unable to attend the banquet so it is our honor to present it to Steve at this meeting.   

  1. 1.  Treasurer's report
  2. 2.  Secretary's report-membership status, average attendance, etc.
  3. 3.  Elect officers 
  4. 4.  Schedule the annual Holiday party

Updates from the National SBE

  1. 1.  Member Plus program announced at the annual membership meeting in Denver
  2. 2.  Explanation of Copyright issues with chapter newsletters.
  3. 3.  Revision of membership/certification forms to include statement on any felony convictions.
  4. 4.  General information on SBE national membership and decline of membership.


12:00 pm at the Pavek Museum. Lunch will be provided.
Tuesday, October 23rd Tour of the National Weather Service Field Office.

If you're attending and/or bringing guests, we need explicit confirmation that everyone is a U.S. resident, no later than October 10. If you are not a U.S. resident, it shouldn't be a problem, but the feds need some additional time for paperwork. The address of the NWS office is 1733 Lake Drive West, Chanhassen, MN

Expected topics will include the workings of NWS' Weather Radio, how EAS updates work from their end, what goes into writing warnings, and the innermost workings of their sensors. These folks are very eager to please, so if you've got another subject you'd like them to hit on, let me or Taylor know, so that they can prepare accordingly.

One additional item to remember is that election of local officers is approaching.  We're asking that you please consider serving as an officer of the local chapter.  The only qualification you need is that you are a member of the National SBE.

11:30 am at the National Weather Service Field Office. Lunch is on your own.
Tuesday, September 19th Tour of MSP Airport Tower & Minnesota Air Guard Museum.

We shall gather at the MSP Airport Tower located at 6311 34th Avenue South in Minneapolis. The facility has a visitor's parking lot that you can access unchallenged. Once you clear the guardhouse, we'll take a tour of the control room itself, followed by a presentation from FAA staff.

Due to space and staffing limitations, only a handful of us may be able to visit the room at a single time; the rest of us might be waiting downstairs.

As a bonus, The Minnesota Air Guard Museum is willing to give a free tour of the place earlier that day. Their facility is on the northeast side of the complex, you can get from one to the other in roughly five minutes.

The Museum tour is completely separate and optional from the Tower tour, and both have their own access protocols.

The Museum Tour will begin at 10:00 a.m. Since that facility is on a secure military base, you must have the following details by Tuesday, September 12 for the purposes of a background check: Your full name, date of birth, and the numbers of a government-issued photo identification. NOTE: Not all Photo IDs are created equal, it must be one of the following options.

1) Active/Retired Military ID OR

2) Enhanced Driver's License (with the State of issue) OR

3) A standard driver's license (with the State of issue) AND Passport (if you don't have a passport, or the others, let me know immediately).

If you're taking the Museum Tour that morning, you must access the complex from the Minnehaha Avenue side, opposite the Fort Snelling light rail station. Please plan on arriving a few minutes early, as the MPs will need time to generate temporary passes for you. DO NOT attempt to use the entrance at 34th Avenue/the Joint Reserve Base, the personnel on that side will not accept your paperwork, and can be touchy.

The Tower Tour begins at 11:30 a.m. If you're attending that visit, You will need your full name, your confirmation that you are a U.S. Citizen, and the numbers of your government issued Photo ID. The military's/Museum's rules do not apply here, a standard Driver's License is acceptable. Please RSVP with our Profgram CHair before September 12th.

10:00 am at Minnesota Air Guard Museum, 11:30 at MSP Airport Tower.
Wednesday, August 23rd Tour of US Bank Stadium's on-site broadcasting facilities.

Please RSVP with Program Chair Taylor Barker before Monday, August 21st. A Photo ID will be required the day of the tour. Lunch will not be provided at this event.

11:00 am at US Bank Stadium.
Tuesday, July 18th Tour of the MnDoT Regional Transportation Management Center.

The tour begins at 11:00 a.m. on July 18. On-site guest parking is available, and we are not required to RSVP. We are instructed to aim for the building on the west side and wait in the lobby. Lunch will not be provided.

The complex is located at 1500 County Road B2 West in Roseville, MN.

11:00 am at MnDoT Regional Transportation Management Center..
Friday, June 23 Annual SBE Picnic.

The picnic is being held at the Fox, Channel 9, Combined FM site at Shoreview on June 23rd.  The chapter is supplying lunch, but donations to offset the cost will be appreciated.

The address of the site is 550 Gramsie Rd, Shoreview, MN.

12:00 pm at the Fox, Channel 9, Combined FM site.
  • Tuesday, April 18, 2017 State Emergency Operation Center Tour.
  • The next SBE chapter 17 meeting will be a short tour of the State Emergency Operation Center and a presentation on the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). The main focus of the IPAWS presentation will be driven by concerns of the broadcast engineer community, what should be done to build a better relationship between broadcasters and public alerting authorities.


    John Dooley is the Communications Officer for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management since October of 2006. He is responsible for the management of the divisions' telephone, video and radio services as well as coordinating communication activities between Federal, State Agencies and Local Jurisdictions. John is the vice-chair of FEMA Region V Regional Emergency Communications Working Group and the chair of the EAS / IPAWS Taskforce working to identify


    The SEOC is located at 444 Cedar Street, St. Paul, MN. 


    There are numerous parking ramps located within easy walking distance of the SEOC, BUT the staff will provide you with parking validations only for the World Trade Center Ramp.  


    You will need a government issued photo ID in order to be admitted to the SEOC.

    We need to provide Mr. Dooley with a guest list so you will need to RSVP to me by 1 pm, Thursday, April 13.  


    There will be no lunch provided, but there are numerous eating places located in the St. Paul skyway system close to the SEOC.  They range from typical American fast food to various ethnic foods.  


    Remember, you will need to RSVP to me by 1 pm Thursday, April 13. 

1:00 pm at the State Emergancy Operations Center.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Frank Grundstein of Logitek Electronic Systems.


Frank Grundstein is the Director of Sales for Logitek Electronic Systems. His varied career in broadcasting spans over 40 years. Since 1993, he has been in broadcast sales working for Harris Radio Systems, and for the past 10 years, Logitek. Frank's engineering career has touched on most environments of Audio for Broadcast. He has been a Major Market Chief Engineer, a video/film production facility manager, Chief Tech of a recording studio, and had a brief stint as a computer animator. He has a Master's Degree in Communications Systems from NYU and currently holds SBE certifications as CBRE and CBNT.

IP Audio Networks have become the accepted method for new facility construction. Video over IP is gaining traction fast. For Audio, we have the universally adopted AES-67 transport standard; the AES-70 not so widely adopted control protocol, but still no discovery protocol. For video, there are, at this moment, an alphabet soup of 7 industry groups proposing various solutions for Video over IP. Where do we stand and how do we know what to do if we are thinking about a facility renovation?
We'll review the current state of IP for Audio and Video, see where the paths intersect, and maybe find a Unified Field Theory for IP for broadcast.

1:00 pm at The Pavek. Lunch will be served at 12:30 pm.
  • Friday, February 17, 2017 State Capitol Broadcast Facility Tour.

  • Lawo


  • Our tour begins at 11:00 a.m. on February 17 at the State Office Building (100 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.). The House Public Information Services offices are on the street level, and the side facing the Capitol Building, opposite the Secretary of State's chambers. The HPIS windows are unmistakable, and the first thing you see when entering the revolving doors from the east.



11:00 am at the State Office Building.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017 IEEE Report with Mark Durenberger.

Mark Durenberger will be giving a presentation of Tom King's IEEE report on the FCC's Technical Inquiry in the Electromagnetic Noise Floor. This is FCC Docket 16-191.

Mark is a SBE Certified Professional Broadcast Engineer, No. 876. He is a long time SBE member and engineer in the Twin Cities. He is with the Minnesota Twins Organization.

There will be an open discussion on this issue and the national SBE's position. The SBE filed comments with the FCC on August 12, 2016. Here are a few interesting facts that you may want to consider:

  • - While part 15 of the FCC rules define equipment that may not cause interference and must accept any interference, there is no definition or limit of interference.
  • - The commission has not defined what level of emission is excessive for part 15.
  • - Next, even if harmful interference is being caused, the FCC no longer has the staff to enforce the rules.
  • - The noise floor is something that affects every engineer. We are all consumers of broadcast signals as well as being on the producing side of things. The level of the noise floor affects how well our signals reach the public.
1:00 pm at The Pavek. No Lunch will be provided at this meeting.
  • Tuesday, December 20, 2016 Annual SBE Holiday Party.

  • LawoOnce again we will be having our annual holiday party at The Original Gabe's by the Park.

This year we have reserved a back room we can enjoy to ourselves until 6:00 pm.

This event was originally scheduled for Friday the 16th but has been rescheduled due to weather.




3:00 pm at Gabe's by the Park.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016 "Greg Moos with Allied Generators"

Allied GeneratorsThis month we need to elect chapter officers. We still need to have candidates for Chair and Vice-Chair, those that have expressed interest in positions are as follows. Treasurer-Michael J. Ostlund, Secretary-Mike Hendrickson, Meeting programs-Taylor Barker, Certification- George Werl.

Please let me know if you are interested in serving in any position, the chapter needs your help to continue.

Ever feel powerless? This month we have a presentation by Greg Moos, Greg has been in the generator industry for 36+ years and currently is the service, parts and rental manager of Allied Generators in Shoreview. Your studio may already have a generator providers and service center, but it never hurts to have another in your contacts list and to hear about some best practices so your investment works when needed.

Contact info: Greg Moos|, Allied Generators, 577 Shoreview Park Road, Shoreview, MN 55126 phone: 651-770-3483 | mobile: 651-270-9895..

More information to come.

1:00 pm at The Pavek. No Lunch will be provided at this meeting.
Tuesday, October 18, 2016 "Bill Bennett of Lawo, Inc."

LawoWhen broadcasters swap CD’s, cart machines, turntables and audio consoles for PC-based digital playout, mixing & processing systems, we call that Virtual Radio. At our next meeting, guest speaker Bill Bennett, Lawo's Radio Applications lead in the U.S., will describe virtualization in greater detail by outlining the real applications in use today. He'll explore how broadcasters may now reap operational benefits and gains by capitalizing on I.T.’s investment in R&D and will discuss virtualization's anticipated role in content creation and broadcast workflow in the future.

Virtual Radio is a hot topic. A recent episode of This Week in Radio Tech (TWiRT) featured a Lawo presentation on this topic. How did they conduct their broadcast interview? Virtually, of course!

Lawo is a provider of virtual radio products, digital mixing consoles, routing systems, video solutions and turnkey systems for the professional broadcast industry. Their equipment is utilized by TV and radio stations, production companies, and theatres worldwide.
1:00 pm at the Pavek Museum. Lunch will be provided at 12:30 pm.
Tuesday September 27th, 2016 "CenturyLink Head End Tour"


Our summer break is over, back to monthly meetings.

We normally meet the 3rd Tuesday of the month, but we are going on a tour, so to accommodate the tour schedule we meet the 4th Tuesday this month only.

CenturyLink has started to offer cable TV service in many cities around the Twin Cities area. To provide this service, CenturyLink has built a video headend in Golden Valley. SBE-17 has been invited for a tour and splicing demonstration.

1:00 pm at CenturyLink. No lunch will be provided at this meeting.
Friday June 24, 2016 "Annual SBE Picnic"

Before we take our summer break, we will meet for our annual picnic. This year it will once again be held at Telefarm in Shoreview. Please bring tables and chairs if you can.

1:00 pm at Telefarm. We encourage people to bring something to share, or please make a donation to help pay for food.

Tuesday May 17, 2016 "Jeff Welton from Nautel"

This month we have a presentation by Jeff Welton, Regional Sales Manager, Central U.S. for Nautel. His topic will be grounding.

Lightning season can bring all sorts of unpleasant surprises. While it’s not possible to prevent a lightning strike from happening, there are several things that can be done to help direct the lightning to ground in such a way that it does not pass through equipment in the process. This won’t save all equipment all of the time, but can make a significant difference in lightning failures over the course of the season. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the anatomy of a lightning strike, methods of grounding and different approaches to minimizing lightning damage as much as possible.

Jeff Welton has been with Nautel for almost 26 years, the first 17 of which were spent in field service and technical support roles. Since moving to Sales in 2007, Jeff keeps finding ways to get his hands dirty and can frequently be found assisting in the install of a transmitter he’s sold.
Remember non-SBE members are always welcome to attend our meetings, please pass this invitation on to others in the TV and Radio field..

1:00 pm at the Pavek Museum. Lunch will be provided at 12:30 pm.

Friday April 29, 2016 "Tour of Twin Cities Public Television"


We will get a tour of the recent remodeling done to various areas throughout their facility as well as some lighting, audio, and other technology demonstrations.



1:30 pm at TPT. No lunch will be provided at this meeting.

Tuesday March 15, 2016 "Emergancy Operations Planning for Radio Broadcasters"
by Michael Ostlund, Assistant Engineering Manager, iHeart Media

Michael Ostlund, Assistant Engineering Manager, iHeart Media

Michael has over 40 years of broadcast experience in radio station operations and management including 25+ years in Radio Network Operations and Engineering. Prior to recently accepting the position of Assistant Engineering Manager for iHeart Media – Minneapolis, Michael spent the last 17 years with the Minnesota News & Farm Networks as Operations/Engineering Manager.

Michael also works as a Communications Specialist with Hennepin County Emergency Management. He served as the Director of the Bloomington Communications Group – an Auxiliary Emergency Communications Support Group for the City of Bloomington, MN. He also serves as the Chairman of AERO - the Association of Emergency Radio Organizations. Michael has earned his Emergency Management Certification from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety – Homeland Security and Emergency Management. Michael has taught numerous classes in Emergency Communications and Management to volunteers.

1:00 pm at the Pavek Museum. No lunch will be provided at this meeting.

Tuesday February 16th, 2016

We will meet at SAS in Lakeville. The address is 21037 Heron Way, Lakeville, MN 55044. On Tuesday February 16th we will meet at SAS for lunch at noon, then have a short SBE business meeting at 12:30pm, then at 1pm SAS will do their tour and presentations.

Tuesday January 19th, 2016

Meeting at 1:00p - no lunch

This month we have a presentation by Mark Durenberger about his tour of the New Viking's Stadium.

Thursday May 19th - Lunch at 12:30pm at the Pavek

This meeting will be of interest for those who work in the TV end of our field. Ken Dillard of Dejero Labs will be our presenter. The link to their website is

Dejero Labs is a leader in Cellular Bonded News Gathering technologies providing these technologies to networks, stations groups, and individual television stations across the country and around the world. This product is designed for TV stations, but in this IP world we can all gain some insight by seeing how different companies handle Live back haul for broadcast.

Thursday January 22nd at 1:30pm

MISCO Loudspeakers in Minneapolis. Dan Digre of MISCO would like to tailor his presentation to your interests, so please email Joe Conlon suggestions.
MISCO is located at 2637 32nd Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN 55406. Below is some background on Dan Digre of MISCO.
Dan Digre has served as President of MISCO since 1990. The company was founded as the Minneapolis Speaker Company in 1949 by Dan's father, Cliff Digre. (Cliff was a former ALMA president and board member emeritus.) At the beginning, MISCO was primarily a speaker reconing company. Dan's career in the loudspeaker industry began at a very early age servicing drive-in theater speakers for his dad. By the time Dan was 16, he was qualified to recone just about any speaker. Dan intended to become a music teacher, not a business owner. He earned a BA in Music Education, Composition, and Vocal Performance at Augustana College in Sioux Falls, SD. But Dan maintained a close interest in his father's company. In 2000, Dan led MISCO through a manufacturing transformation which included expansion into a new manufacturing facility in Minneapolis, MN. His musical talent and education help support Dan's demand for high performance and quality when developing audio products. Today, MISCO is one of the very few audio systems and loudspeaker manufacturing companies in the United States. It is the only US audio manufacturer that serves wide market needs-such as aviation, gaming, medical, military, pro-sound, theme parks, transportation, and many more. Under Dan's leadership, MISCO now provides many turnkey audio systems solutions including amplifiers, DSP, enclosures, and finished systems. Loudspeakers are still a major part of MISCO's business, with both low- and high-volume manufacturing capabilities for speakers from 2 inches to 21 inches.
MISCO customers range from Fortune 500 corporations to small and unique market customers. The company maintains production facilities in Dong Guan, China for OEM customers who manufacture their products in China. In addition to his full-time involvement with MISCO, Dan Digre has been an ALMA board member for 16 years, starting in 1986, and served as ALMA president from 1998 to 1999.

Friday December 19th is our annual SBE Chapter 17 Holiday Party

Again this year the party will be at Gabe's by the Park in St. Paul. We will gather starting at 2:30pm, the address is 991 Lexington Pkwy North in St. Paul. It's at the corner of Lexington and Energy Parkway. It's 1.5 miles north of 94 or 3 miles south of 36. Feel free to invite others to the get-together. We hope to see you there.

Tuesday, November 18th at The Pavek

Sierra Automated Systems will provide free lunch at 12:00 pm, the program beginning at 1:00 pm
Al Salci will discuss trends in digital audio transports including DANTE AoIP, QSCNet, and recently ratified standards such as IEEE 802.1 AVB, and AES-67 AoIP designed for Professional Audio and Video distribution. This presentation will focus on the Audio Transport mechanism of each technology and describe the architecture of IEEE 802.1 AVB (Audio Video Bridging) as well as AES-67 (Audio only over IP, AoIP) and other IP transports highlighting key differences between them. While IEEE 802.1 is a layer 2 transport, and AES-67 is a layer 3 transport, we will also outline important features, architecture and key differences for each followed by a summary of applications and application notes along with available products for each topology.
Al Salci is a veteran analog and digital designer, and software engineer with over 30 years experience in broadcast communications. Originally from Toronto Ontario, Canada, Al holds a Bachelor of Science from Mohawk College of Electrical Engineering &Technology. Al started his career in Television broadcast designing vertical interval time code (VITC) editing systems for the then new Helical Scan VTR machines. Al moved into radio in 1983 as Director of Engineering for McCurdy Radio Industries where he developed a wide range of products ranging from Audio Consoles, Large Scale Switchers, Intercoms, DAs and the original ATS-100 Audio Test Set. Originally designed for ABC Networks, Al worked on the first automation utilizing large scaled switchers for Satellite programming syndication to different time zones, many of which are still in use today known as NETCUE control.
Later, Al joined RTS systems in Burbank California as Senior Digital Design Engineer and developed Digital Intercom systems and 2-wire TV camera communications networks. Al Salci joined up with Ed Fritz, another veteran design engineer in Burbank California and started Sierra Automated Systems & Eng. Corp. that specializes in high-density distribution, Radio Intercom systems, and Digital Audio Control console surfaces. SAS is celebrating over 29 years of supplying high end, large scaled integrated digital audio distribution and console-networked systems.

October 21, Joe Torelli from Comrex will be stopping by and providing us lunch!

Lunch will begiTuesdayn at 12:00 pm, and the program will be at 1:00 pm. at the Pavek.
Joe will be talking to us about a product from Comrex called LiveShot. After the presentation, Joe will have some of the equipment set up so for those interested can see how it works.
Here is a bio on Joe:
Joe Torelli has been on both sides of the broadcast news business for nearly forty years. His thirteen years as Editor and Cameraman for NBC News gave him first hand experience covering major events in over seventy countries. His specialty was crash and burn breaking news editing under deadline for NBC Nightly News and Today under extreme circumstances, with the occasional one-hour prime-time special. Those years provided Torelli with ample experience guiding him into product development.
Since 1992, Torelli has attached himself to designing and delivering disruptive technologies to the broadcast and production market, bringing that focus now to LiveShot for Comrex.
While at Avid, he heavily influenced the design and functionality of NewsCutter, AudioVision, and Editcam, the world's first tapeless professional camera. Torelli helped to streamline and define Quantel's sQ Edit for fast turn HD/SD server-based editing, and as "Broadcast Evangelist" at Apple, he drove awareness and acceptance of Final Cut Pro with TV stations, groups, networks and studios worldwide.
Torelli recently provided his clients with technology advice and consulting services through Torelli Consulting, LLC. He is the recipient of the 2011 National Press Photographers Association Joseph A. Sprague Award for "transforming the way television news is shot, edited, and delivered."

Xcel Energy plant in Minneapolis on Tuesday, September 16th.

We will need to get a head count on all who is attending, so please respond via email to Michael Simonds if you plan on being there. Note that shorts and open-toed footwear are not allowed at the plant, so dress accordingly.
The tour typically consists of a brief presentation with Q&A and then a walk-through with a continued discussion about the process. See attached for a map to the facility.
Also, if you have not yet voted in this year's SBE election, we encourage you to do so. Voting closes on August 21st. One of our chapter members is a board candidate! (hint, hint...)

Tuesday June, 17th. Avid Audio with lunch provided at Noon! Presentation at 1:00 pm

Bio and story from our speaker:

Richard McKernan manages the U.S. Western Region for Avid Richard is an audio industry veteran with a successful track record of building strong technical sales and service throughout the Western Region of the US for Avid. His expertise is in audio facility integration and operations for Broadcast, Film Post Production and Music facilities.

Richard McKernan has over 25 years of experience in the audio industry. His background includes more than 15 years as an independent recording & mixing engineer for projects ranging from popular music artists such as Barbara Streisand, U2, Prince and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Richard also spent nine years in technical sales, integration and training with Euphonix. Integration projects while at Euphonix included “The Jay Leno Show”, KNBC News, CNN Los Angeles and Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church and with Avid have been heavily involved with integrating and installation audio for 8 mix stages at Technicolor Hollywood and 2 mix stages at Disney Film Stages in Burbank.

Avid is a world leader in providing a range of Consoles & Control Surfaces to meet the needs of customers ranging from creative enthusiast through the high end-professional. Avid audio consoles and control surfaces are the most advanced digital mixing system available. They are designed for audio professionals who demand the best. Avid’s also manufacture’s ProTools, the industry standard digital audio workstation used for all sorts of production, also with a full range of solutions for everyone from enthusiast to professional.

The presentation at Browning University will focus how Avid can help everyone from broadcasters to independent facilities, professionals and artist to connect to create and distribute inspired content no matter the budget. Workflow from the large scale audio consoles to the smaller control surface and how they interface to different workstations will be discussed.

About Avid

Avid is a leading manufacturer of large format digital audio consoles and digital recording equipment that has satisfied users worldwide in broadcast, post, live and music production. Key products include S6, System 5 consoles and ProTools.

Remember non-SBE members are always welcome to attend our meetings, please pass this invitation on to others in the TV and Radio field.

As always, anyone working in radio, television, or related industries is encouraged to attend.